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What Are Dental Emergencies?

Obtaining urgent professional care for a dental emergency is often an inconvenient, nerve-wracking hassle. Unforeseen dental emergencies may be caused by sports injuries, physical altercations, falling down, or even merely biting down on hard foods. Dr. Yaser Hamdan and Dr. Cigdem Er offer swift emergency dentistry services in a friendly environment. We routinely see many kinds of emergency dental concerns for Plano, TX patients, such as loose fillings, tooth pain, and dislodged or broken teeth. Oral trauma doesn't necessarily cause pain, meaning it's essential to have your teeth assessed for any underlying damage. Call Urgent Family Dentistry if you are experiencing a dental emergency, and we will get you in as soon as we can.

What Are the Benefits of Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry carried out at our Plano, TX facility may deliver prompt relief of dental emergencies, boosting a person's dental wellness and overall health. The following are a handful of main benefits of emergency dental care:

  • Swift pain relief: Emergency care helps to decrease pain right away, allowing for the support you crave through a dental dilemma
  • Fast assessment and diagnosis: Individuals may be provided with an in-depth assessment and diagnosis of the condition, making certain accurate treatments are conducted without delay
  • Preventing addtional problems: Emergency dental care may work to stop conditions from getting worse and diminish the probability of resulting infection or damage
  • Protecting your smile: Our dentists may frequently reinsert a dislodged tooth or offer ideal treatment solutions to save the normal tooth structure
  • Treating abscesses: Our dental professionals could quickly address these issues, offering appropriate care to clear out the infection and prevent its spread
  • Peace of mind: Our dentists are on hand beyond regular office hours, so you can receive rapid care should you have an emergency

Who Are Candidates for Emergency Dental Care?

People of all ages can have a dental emergency. Various kinds of emergencies include sudden toothaches, avulsed or fractured teeth, developing an abscess, loose restorations (such as fillings and crowns), gum bleeding or swelling, and other oral trauma. Obtaining the emergency dental services required as soon as possible is the most effective way to relieve dental pain and safeguard your dental health. In some cases, it might even be the deciding factor between saving and losing a tooth. Due to the fact that even minor damage and inflammation can indicate more extensive issues when neglected, it is best to contact Urgent Family Dentistry right away for any dental emergency.

What Can I Expect During My Visit?

The type of treatment for emergency dental problems is unique for each case. During your exam, Dr. Hamdan or Dr. Er will fully evaluate your particular issue before giving a diagnosis. Oral x-rays might be needed to examine the teeth for hidden trauma, including to the bone, tooth roots, or jaw. When we learn the extent of your dental problem, we will come up with a treatment strategy. At Urgent Family Dentistry, the primary purpose of an emergency evaluation is to help with tooth discomfort and repair damage. We do everything we can to restore the function, aesthetic, and general health of your teeth as promptly as we can.

What Can I Expect After My Emergency Dentistry Appointment?

Our goal with each emergency dental visit in Plano, TX is to have patients leave our office with reduced pain or discomfort, restored dental function and structure, and as complete of a treatment as possible. Of course, there are some cases when a dental emergency may require treatment in stages, but we are still committed to improving the acute symptoms of a dental emergency at the initial appointment. After your emergent dental visit, we will work closely with you to establish a follow-up schedule for additional treatment steps and/or monitoring, and we will go over all aftercare instructions in detail based on the specific type of dental emergency addressed and the treatments or procedures performed.

This marks the third time I have been a patient of Dr Hamdan at Urgent Family Dentistry and each time I have been treated more like family than as just another patient. It has always been easy to get in...even when I was having a dental emergency. And once there I was warmly greeted by a warm, professional staff. Dr Hamdan is a gifted, accomplished dentist who provides excellent care. I've never been dissatisfied with my experience or the outcome.

S.L. Google

The dental staff, hygienist, and the doctor himself, Dr. Hamdan we’re all so caring and gentle, but also direct and straightforward. I went in for a dental emergency (in pain), and the doctor wanted to help, but ethically, he wanted to get a second opinion. I appreciated the honesty and genuine care. Seriously considering changing my dentist to this office/doctor.

D.H. Google

Very friendly, helpful, and professional. Saw me on a Sunday 3 hours after I called about a dental emergency. COVID-19 precautions aren't incredible, but were acceptable enough. The recovery has been rough, but I don't think that has anything to do with the practice.

W.D. Google

Very friendly, helpful, and professional. Saw me on a Sunday 3 hours after I called about a dental emergency. COVID-19 precautions aren't incredible, but were acceptable enough. The recovery has been rough, but I don't think that has anything to do with the practice.

W.R. Google

I had an emergency tooth extraction and that was by far the best (horrible) experience ever! He made me feel very comfortable and almost no pain.

A.F. Google


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Get Prompt Emergency Dental Care

Whenever a patient needs emergency dental treatment, Urgent Family Dentistry is happy to provide assistance. Dr. Hamdan and Dr. Er act fast to ease tooth pain, manage oral injury, and dispel any concern over emergency situations. For fast, efficient emergency dentistry services, connect with our Plano, TX office right away.

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How do I know if my tooth is infected?

Tooth infections can cause various symptoms, including persistent tooth pain, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, swelling around the affected tooth or gums, a foul taste or odor in the mouth, or fever. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to seek emergency dental care. Urgent Family Dentistry in Plano, TX can assess your mouth and provide prompt treatment for your tooth infection.

Are cavities considered an emergency?

Dental cavities, or tooth decay, are usually not considered a dental emergency and can be addressed at a regular appointment at Urgent Family Dentistry. However, if you have a cavity that is causing severe pain or has led to an abscess, it may be a dental emergency. In any case, it's important to have a cavity treated to prevent its progression and preserve your oral health.

Can I go to the ER instead for a dental emergency?

While some emergency rooms can handle certain dental emergencies, it is generally recommended to avoid going to the ER for dental concerns. Dental professionals, like our team in Plano, TX, are specifically trained to diagnose and treat dental problems effectively, ensuring you receive the most appropriate care for your dental emergency. If you are in need of emergency dental care, we encourage you to reach out to Urgent Family Dentistry to receive fast, proper treatment.

What oral issues are considered dental emergencies?

Anything from sudden swelling, extreme discomfort, or lingering pain can be a dental emergency. Emergency care may also be necessary if you have something caught in your teeth or if you've lost a crown or filling. When you're searching for urgent dental care near you, reach out to our team in Plano, TX to receive the care you need.

When is a toothache considered a dental emergency?

You should call our office if you're experiencing severe dental pain that keeps you up at night or any constant pain. Severe pain can indicate a tooth infection, that you need an emergency tooth filling, or that other dental issues need to be addressed.

What should I do if my tooth was knocked out?

If you have found a tooth dislodged from your mouth, please bring it to your emergency dental appointment. If possible, keep the tooth near the gums with cushioning that lets you hold it in place. If it is completely out of your mouth, please store it in a small container of saliva or milk to preserve the tooth until you are seen.

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