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What Are Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

The final two molars, which commonly emerge in the early adult years, are known as wisdom teeth. Found in the farthest ends of both arches, wisdom teeth, which are also called third molars, often lack the necessary room to completely emerge. Third molars may be impacted (stuck in the gum tissue or jawbone), poorly aligned, or unable to erupt all the way, causing a number of dental issues. Dr. Yaser Hamdan and Dr. Cigdem Er perform wisdom tooth extractions for Plano, TX patients to enhance oral health and defend against an uneven bite and deterioration. If you or someone in your family have painful or impacted wisdom teeth, set up an appointment at Urgent Family Dentistry to find out about your care solutions.

What Is the Wisdom Tooth Removal Process?

Urgent Family Dentistry does wisdom tooth extractions while the patient is under local anesthesia; however, this procedure could also be done with additional sedation dentistry services to maximize comfort. Many cases of wisdom teeth removal call for a surgical technique, particularly when the teeth are impacted, have bent roots, or are securely situated in the bone. When Dr. Hamdan or Dr. Er makes an opening in the gum tissues to access the impacted molar, he may break it down into smaller pieces, which offers a more effective extraction. Based on your unique needs, all four of the wisdom teeth could be taken care of in a single session. Stitches may be added to close off the extraction areas and help with the recovery process. Our incredibly skilled dental professionals will supply you with post-op guidelines to follow over the next few days.

I booked my appointment at this location in less than 12hours after suffering excruciating pain overnight. My wisdom tooth had a terrible cavity and so painful that no Tylenol could help. I was booked in and when I got that numbing cream I felt like I could just walk right out. More numbing cream and injections made the extraction less than 5 mins. Even though I was very nervous, the dentist and the staff made me feel very comfortable. They assured me that I was in very safe hands and indeed I was. I carried my painful souvenir for bitter sweet memories but one thing for sure Dr H is the best. I will be going back for my exam and cleaning because he is an expert at what he does!! Thank you again for your service!!

W.N. Google

Outstanding care and treatment. 2 prior providers wanted to proceed without a clear cut plan. Urgent Dr had a clear plan, timeline and estimate of cost. Root canal and extractions were performed flawlessly and temporary crown put on. I highly recommend this Dr and his staff!

J.M. Google


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Dr. Hamdan and Dr. Er are happy to perform wisdom tooth extractions to ensure the future health of your teeth. This advanced dental procedure is commonly performed for Plano, TX individuals and might be required if the tooth has no room to emerge or other issues are present. To receive more information about wisdom tooth extraction, contact Urgent Family Dentistry as soon as you can.

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