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What Are Dental Crowns?

Individual teeth that have been affected by significant damage or tooth decay can generally be repaired with a dental crown. Our state-of-the-art practice in Plano, TX is pleased to provide these dental restorations to individuals to help cover and support the visible part of an individual tooth while also restoring its normal function and cosmetic appearance. Dental crowns are designed to blend seamlessly with neighboring teeth and are oftentimes recommended to fix teeth that are fractured, decayed, malformed, or have other forms of damage. Dental crowns can also be merged into an appliance to serve as a bridge or positioned over individual dental implants to treat teeth that have been lost. Reserve an appointment at Urgent Family Dentistry to see if a crown benefits your smile.

What are the benefits?

At Urgent Family Dentistry, we understand the self-consciousness and lack of use of losing or chipped teeth. We offer dental crowns as an option for our Plano, TX patients who are hoping to enjoy many benefits after this procedure, such as:

  • More comfort and ease of talking, chewing, and smiling
  • Straightforward, individualized treatment that needs very little recovery
  • Restored use and aesthetic of teeth and mouth
  • Longitudinal outcomes that will keep patients satisfied for years in the future

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Plano, TX individuals might benefit from having a crown restoration placed to address a number of dental issues and reestablish proper function and cosmetic appeal for a tooth. Some of the most prevalent reasons for requiring a dental crown procedure include:

  • Teeth that are broken or cracked
  • Erosion or enamel wear
  • Teeth that are discolored or misshapen
  • Moderate dental cavities
  • Replacement of large fillings
  • Teeth that have been treated endodontically
  • Tooth replacement with a dental bridge
  • To restore a single dental implant

At Urgent Family Dentistry, custom crown restorations are utilized for teeth in the back and front of the mouth and can be created from all-ceramic or additional types of aesthetic materials, porcelain and metal, or a precious metal (such as gold). Our qualified dental experts can assess your tooth or teeth and help you decide upon the ideal type of dental crown procedure for your needs and aesthetic preferences.

What Is the Dental Crown Process?

The crown process for Plano, TX individuals usually takes place within a couple of office visits. At the first visit, one of our experienced dentists will numb your tooth and can offer sedation services to increase your comfort level if you prefer. When the affected portion has been cleared away, an impression of the prepared tooth using the iTero® digital impression scanner will be completed and sent to a trusted dental lab for the creation of your personalized crown. A provisional dental crown will be attached to your treated tooth to sustain oral function and provide a lifelike aesthetic appeal during the time your customized crown is being made. You will need to visit Urgent Family Dentistry about 7 – 14 days afterward so that you can have the temporary crown removed and the new crown bonded to the tooth or implant post.

Dr. Hamden is an unexpected treasure. His office is in a non-descript shopping center, and at first glance may not instill confidence. Put your reservations to rest. He and his entire staff are kind, efficient and professional. On my visit, Dr. Hamden explained my options to me, gave me time to consider my choice, and had his staff explain the charges. They offered a small discount, and allowed me to pay them half that day, and half upon my return. I got a root canal and 2 crowns. Not a small job! He was gentle and patient. I have been back since, and will use him for all my future needs. Look no further for a competent and caring dentist.

L.B. Google

Outstanding care and treatment. 2 prior providers wanted to proceed without a clear cut plan. Urgent Dr had a clear plan, timeline and estimate of cost. Root canal and extractions were performed flawlessly and temporary crown put on. I highly recommend this Dr and his staff!

J.M. Google

I had a wonderful experience at Urgent Family Dentistry. I came in with quite the emergency and felt confident in Dr. Hamdan's expertise when he put me at ease with his bedside manner. His team ended up doing a root canal on me and approached it with utmost precision, even though the job proved to be tricky. I had a temporary crown put on before my permanent came in and while it fell out a few times (which I hear is common for a temporary) the office was flexible with having me walk in during different times of the week to come in and fix it very quickly. Special shoutout to the dental assistants - very professional and just genuine humans, made my experience much less traumatic than it could've been.

J.D. Google


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What Can I Expect After Receiving Dental Crowns?

At the end of the procedure, your restoration will be smoothed to make sure your bite is even and comfortable. Our staff will speak with you about the ideal way to clean your crown and suggest effective toothbrushing and flossing practices. When you visit for your biannual dental exams at our practice in Plano, TX, one of our professionals will take a look at the condition of your dental restoration and your comprehensive oral health. When cared for in the best possible way, a restoration should help safeguard your tooth's function and appearance for many years. If your dental restoration ever becomes dislodged or falls off, it's best to contact Urgent Family Dentistry for assistance as soon as possible. Attempting to fix or glue it back on yourself can easily damage your tooth and crown.

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Cavities, fractured teeth, and similar types of conditions may be taken care of with a custom crown from our Plano, TX practice. This type of dental restoration could help protect your tooth from further challenges while regaining your normal function and attaining an improved cosmetic look for your tooth. Call Urgent Family Dentistry to reserve an appointment with Dr. Hamdan or Dr. Er.

How long do dental crowns last?

The amount of time dental crowns can last may depend on several factors, such as your oral hygiene practices, chewing habits, and overall dental health. On average, dental crowns can last between 10 – 15 years with proper care. Regular dental examinations at Urgent Family Dentistry, as well as daily brushing and flossing, can help extend the lifespan of your dental crown.

Can a dental crown be made to match the shade of my other teeth?

Yes, dental crowns can be customized to match the shade, shape, and size of your natural teeth, providing a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result.

What should I do if my dental crown falls off?

If your dental crown falls off, contact our practice immediately. We offer emergency dentistry appointments to address such situations promptly, ensuring timely and effective solutions to restore your comfort, aesthetic appearance, and dental function while reducing your risk of infection and other complications.

How do you ensure a comfortable fit for dental crowns?

We use advanced technology, such as the iTero digital scanner, to create precise and comfortable dental crowns. This scanner eliminates the need for traditional molds, ensuring an accurate fit for your crown, enhancing overall comfort and functionality.

How much are dental crowns?

The cost of dental crowns in Plano, TX is based on different factors, including the location of the tooth, the complexity of the case, and any additional treatments that may be needed. At your first consultation at Urgent Family Dentistry, our team will evaluate your specific needs and provide a personalized treatment plan, including a breakdown of the associated costs. We can discuss payment options, insurance coverage, and our available financing plans to help make dental crowns more affordable for you.

Do dental crowns hurt?

The process of getting a dental crown at Urgent Family Dentistry is virtually painless. Our team will ensure that the area around the tooth is numb before starting the procedure to minimize any potential discomfort. Some patients may experience mild sensitivity or tenderness after the anesthesia wears off, but this is typically temporary. If necessary, over-the-counter pain medication can help alleviate any discomfort during the initial healing period.

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